It took just days to break the lull,
Sailing apart was meant not to be.
At least I thought the course was still,
Hanging alone by my shipwrecked hull.

I watched silent when you drifted away,
Drawing your shadows by the shoreline sands,
What tides erased, my memory kept,
Souvenirs of once when you were me.

With the moon tide rise, I scouted for you,
Knowing the winds wouldn’t carry you far.
  Found you walking those old shores again,
Holding hands with a strangers gait.

“What happened to those words of wait,
Come tempest or wind, a decade will hold?”
“What happened to your profess, ‘the best is you’,
That holds to me like a soul to life?”

Strutting indifferent you turned a scorn,
“Who is this that breaks my walk?”
“Who is this I know not of?”
“Ah, you, sailor what brings you here?”
“Has the sea tempest not inhumed you since”?

Your harsh tone breaking my unheeded calls,
You carried the stranger like footsteps in sand,
Soon the moon tide will rise again,
Erasing your footmarks, while my memory retains.