In the staring memory of those,
Who never grew to have a memory.

In the loving memory of those,
Who never lived to be loved enough.

In the tender memory of those,
Whose tender steps never got to learn how to walk.

In the ceaseless memory of those,
Who ceased to rock in a cradle.

In the silent memory of those,
Whose lullabies were muted by screeching Zion birds.

In the hastened memory of those,
Who fled only to be buried in the falling street.

In the reclusive memory of those,
Who hid in a corner shelter and that corner became their grave.

In the entombed memory of those unnamed,
Who were retrieved in embraces from their rubble homes.

In the sand drawn memory of those,
Whose last steps were drawn playing on a childhood shore.

In the encased memory of those,
Who returned to earth in the womb of a silent mother.

In the brazen memory of kids,
Who sheltered in a school to be tutored death by raining shells.

In the beseeching memory of those walking corpses,
Who lived to die again and again.

In the everlasting memory of all resistance heroes,
Who slept unknown, unsung, unheard.

Gaza, in your everlasting memory.