I shall be back,
When our wait is lived,
Like an interim halt of an impending end,
Like a spring day staring in still,
And blossoms lingering to spout and scent.
Because to live is to flow unhindered,
Like a meandering river charting its course,
Gushing past edges of clueless paths,
Smoothening the rocks that stand in our way.

I shall be back,
When the dare in you grows,
To tear the veil and unhide your face,
To read to me what cloaks in your heart,
Musings concealed in your secluded yen,
Waiting to pour and flow like rain,
Washing away our enduring halt.
And this rain I await to become a river,
That charts its way to reach my end.

I shall be back,
Like a sea to the immersing river.