Wish we could rewind
To when we walked towards,
And time froze in our tied hands,
Seeking our answers in the other,
An unquenchable journey, of a ceaseless quest.

Wish we could retrace our steps,
To where you and me, one day,
Converged into each other,
Mistaking destinies for destinations,
Walked along yet in differing paths.

When we wore our masks,
Like faces of each other’s desire,
To be what the other wanted us to be,
Trying to unsuccessfully erase,
What we really were.

Wish we could, return to the opacity,
Of those unrecognized colors,
Those you chose assuming I liked them,
And I agreed,
Thinking they were your favorite.
The same colors over time,
Faded dull and melancholic,
Shrunk to the corners,
Of our unkempt wardrobes.

Could I return alone,
To the shades of silences,
By the same tree,
Where I recited my poems to you,
And you pretended an ear,
Unmindfully gazing at,
The distant shore,
That held in a hanging haze,
Of a day that wore no date.

When you used my favorite book,
As a tea coaster,
I said nothing,
Till the print had erased,
And the story ceased.
I still yearn to read it,
And find the ‘me’ of yesteryear’s,
In still paces of its bookmark.

Wish we could be strangers again,
The unknown of each other,
Walking our own shoes,
In retracing steps,
To a mirror we now fear.
Wising to endure our old tests,
Afresh, once more.

But then,
I realise,
There are no retakes in life.