Tell me you can look in their eyes,
And can sight through their void,
That has morphed into a impregnable wall,
That the night devil in fatigues has snarled.

Tell me you can hear their silence,
That seek and search in lonely murmurs.
Tell me you see the dreams of that girl,
That tries to grasp the one who was stolen.

Tell me you can hear the old mother sigh,
In a gaze that follows inquests of nothingness.
Tell me you can see that gloom mooned bride,
Who draped the bridal without her groom.

Can you see that father, in flowing whites,
Lost in prayer of a ceaseless plea?
He seeks his address, what was seized in the night,
He seeks a name over a nameless mound.

Tell me you can hear those deafening questions,
That have been appealing in sewn lips.
Tell me you have a heart,
That beats like a human,
And drips in agony,
In compassion and grace.

Tell me you feel their pain !



30th August, 2013 : 11:30 AM (Partap Park Srinagar)