Forever is a fraction that vanishes without a trace.
A second that desires to run over time,
To triumph over big hands winding in slow wheels,
That for its entire dart,
Can’t match infinity of an extent.

Forever is a memory of someone,
Who never was,
Fresco’s that imaginations of desires sketch,
Where hope squeezes in brief glints,
Like the stealth steps of a thief,
Come to return our Wishes.

Forever is the altar by that forgotten chapel,
That was long deserted in empty rows,
Where bells no longer clang,
But a hymn is whispered in fealty of hope.

Forever is a thought that ceased to escape,
A mind that it now stays in,
Chiseled by its chambers,
Like sacred engravings of scriptures,
Entombed to immortality.

Forever are the prayer wheels,
That the monks have abandoned,
But a wind returns to beseech,
Blowing away the time dust,
From lost imprints of ageless pleas.

Forever is a supplication,
That glorifies HIS name,
And lives on a death wish,
To seek life in death.

Forever is not a damsel who waits by the moonshine,
Marking reckoning of time in wrinkles of her pause,
And then draws the curtains when the sun returns to flare.

Forever is the heart that longs to belong,
Even when it stops beating,
Ages after it has ceased.


“I will wait for you forever”, “But what is forever?” I asked