That long day when dusk and dawn wear like aliens
And the lights won’t follow a forfeited sundown
Then in every dark corner lurks a precipice
And by every believing rim raises a cliff to wall
By every shadow conceals a buried form
Like cloaked assailants in aim for a wandering hunt
Waiting to steal the living from pretending

When you push those wheels on endless roads
And trip over chasing shadows of fleeting lights
Then a streak burns within a nebulous cloak
And you gallop winged on burning hoofs
That day when the sun is out on a rendezvous
And a night when the moon has fled for a tryst
Steps race over mountains in search for a crest
Chasing in oblivion the linings of dark
When the abandoned fringe assumes a center
And that quavering core is pushed to a margin
A night lullaby is heard in whispers so faint
Its then when the home-calls light the dark
And awaiting embraces will illuminate a twilight

That long day !