Standing at the edge with extending hands
In probing palms wide open, those seek the ceaseless.
Striking randomly on my hands, try to grasp in and letting go,
They collect and escape in openly clasped fingers.
Washing down my face, flowing, crawling over my form,
Like trying to chisel a new skin over old robes

Close my eyes; extend my hands wide across,
I stand on my toes, attempting to fly.
It lifts me and sets me sail in this night deluge,
Among heavenly torrents that the skies unleashed
Tiny knightly gallops striking the roof,
In songs of ache like somebody’s last breath,
Like falling words, some failing wishes.
Mermaids falling in puddles with farewell notes,
Dropping a last dance, descending in twirls,
In finishing embraces merging with the spate.

Relinquish your robes, attain these drops
In falling rains our unquenchable dreams flow.