Leaves scattered in a room desolate,
In silent winds that never arrived
A wait holds in a broken clock,
Hands that hang in timeless stare

The clinging window leans in a hump,
Crackled by a sun that burned in dark
An extending balcony shrunk in hold
Suspended in farewell of a wall that ceased

A porous roof in mosaics of breaches
That filters light in denial of shades
When pours come calling in clouds unseen
Their melodies are lost to splits torn
Now nobody shelters under trusses of yore
No hands extend now to capture this pour
Now windows groan lonely in seasons unknown

A staircase that extended to flutter of kids
Where a mother would chase her petite dreams
Those steps stand wilted in abandoned flights
Doors that once folded into clasps of night
When dreams were unfolded and dread closed
Those bolts stand fastened in a hurrying flee
And dreams now latched in caskets since lost

A conversing road leads to addresses nowhere
And looks out for traces hardened in frost
In meandering steps that never retraced
Returning to nothingness of hope and despair
To walls that never were homes again


(Dedicated to families uprooted in Kashmir & in Nakba,
to the ruins that were once homes)