I belong to an infringed valley,
Where the robin cries over unending dark
And waters gush over the stillness of dawn
Where our dreams are smoke and nights chimneys
Where bleeding fate lines are the scars of toil
And coils of barricades demark the lines
Where the hush of whispers breaks a sob
And the marching boots affrights the birds
Where bridges are burnt over silent rivers,
And barrels emptied on baring chests
Where brides are bathed by waters red
Where hurt is silent and kills us cold

And kids sleep early, never to awake
Where none looks back at what’s left behind
When the fallen await and the mourners fall
Where love is embossed in bosoms closed
And unlatched doors creak in endless wait
Where window stills have lost to seasons
Of a decaying spring in frozen time
Those live in wait for the lost blossoms
Now scattered, trampled under mounds unmarked
Where the cinders live and flare in ash
In dwellings raised by the invaders scorn
Where waters shallow on banks so known
Drowned humans and truth obscured

I belong to an invaded land
Where mortals pretend to breathe and be,
On life buried by torment ages ago.

21st Jan, 2012