We reclaimed our steps on deserted streets,
Where we had been sold once for change and shawls,
And then bartered in headcounts for power by rouges,

Where pathways were crooked and steps were steep,
Where stumble was the norm, regaining was a summit,
Where tempest was a shadow that swelled in the dark
And aurora was darkness, glimmers were in hearts
Where the night awoke restless in images of drab
Where the day lay startled by the shadows of unseen

We spoke in silences for the angst of their words
They tripped on shadows in the fright of our frames
We marked our milestones in the stones of defiance
They walked over hearths in ambushes so foul
Our destination was known, their aim concealed
Our heads held high, the heads that they aimed at
This path maybe rocky and the course maybe crude
But when our fists are resolved, the ship will ashore.


2nd January, 2012