I shall await you by the window,
Awake to your morning in dreamy eyes,
Clearing the vapory window pane with my palm
And peep in forced Pekinese eyes at your sight

I shall wait for your faint lullabies,
As you glide from heights in arcadian silences,
Extending my ears for notes of your quiet

I shall look out the corner of a night window,
Waiting for you to quietly heave rooftops,
To spread embraces of white over winter burnt ground,
Wait for you to hold submitting trunks in your bosom.

I shall wait for kids to glee at carving foot marks in you
To roll you up in figures of uneven, shaping fantasies of little eyes
I shall wait for the old man extend his face towards the sky
Wetting his dry eyes in your moist, reliving his lifetime in this fall,

I shall wait for you to quench the burnt and thirsty,
Open that solitary window to the reclusive room,
Where in endless time an old lady lay in wait,
For her night star she lost in a melee,

I shall wait for you to cover,
All barricades to the meadow, all its obscure signs
Where they sleep nameless under mounds of unsung
Shall wait for you to cover clots of an uneven war

I shall wait for you to spread out, in denial and acceptance
Where old paths can be erased and new ones created

I shall wait to live you, like I lived you as a child
Wait to chalk in you, destinations to the unknown
Extend my face to you one day, to moist my parch
And then I shall await for you one day, to cover me when I sleep.

~Snow ~


27th Dec 2012