Sometimes no words are enough to say sorry.
Sometimes self enforced silences trample our will.
Sometimes an infinite is just not enough a moment.
Sometimes a moment holds in infinity

Sometimes we balance between two distant shores,
and fall within to depths of the never redeemed,
the dungeons I damned to, invisible to you.
Sometimes our wounds remain self-inflicted
The sores within extending in torment

Sometimes our flickers flare to a fire
Igniting a fiery blaze within the marrow
Burning the soul in infernos of the lost
Bellowing smokes of a longing within

Sometimes the life drag is assumed to be a living;
Corpses of the speaking are passed as humans.
Sometimes identities are nothing but convenient masks,
The faces of humans in us obscure for a life.
Sometimes our claims of being ‘we’ remaining a tale,
Self-condemned to being distances of just ‘you’ and’me’.


26th Dec 2012