A nebulous night in search for faces

Anonymous shadows of the dark

When the moonless sky draws a cloak

And the stars have retired in a shroud

Then awake souls from distant meadows

Seeking addresses of their past

Knocking doors that lay unfastened

For those who fled the nocturnal flight

Like trunk less trees culled under mounds

Erased in denials of marching boots

In the corner of a dim lit room

She stares, awake in hope and wish

Ages endured in pauses of stillness

Years marked in meandering wrinkles

Like a sand clock devoid of grains

Perpetuated in an uneasy quietude

In silent steps of a calling shadow

She hears a whisper, she lets a wail

‘have you come?’ old eyes flicker

The shadow has found a face to feel

Her hands quiver, a bosom warms

And a soul accosts, a body leaves

The night flight resumed together

 Tearing the cloak, far from caliginous

Where no marching boots shall ever trample


2nd Dec, 2012