Stone cobbled pavements on a directionless street

In quest for paths, strangers of faraway lands

Faced each other where intersections were lost

Charting directions and chasing questions

To answers they knew, questions they escaped

With archives of dreams in lost addresses

They carried their notes searching for songs

Darkened eyes calmed in weathered storms

In fatigues of battle the armor hid wounds

Some nursed, some open like relics of war

They stopped, they stared, the felt a seam

In silent musings like an urge to scream

In stares broke off the masks they wore

A façade they held, the attire they tore

Hands were clasped and souls unchained

In recluse of the night they woke to a day

They dreamt, they huddled for fears and hope

When the sun had woken and the night escaped

The masks were regained and strangers resumed

In their unspent dreams the yarn they wove

Stand now stitched loosely by their old battle wounds


.The strangers of yesterday are strangers tomorrow !




The fears of my Echoes,

The fears we can defeat !