Through the battered gaps of an old obscure, unlatched door

Shattering silences of ages, my initials scribbled on a lost letter,

Enveloped in pang, in efforts of wordlessness staring lost expressions

In the blankness of a white, folded carelessly screaming in silent sob

In treasures of saline, drawn and dissolved images of a torment throb

Someone been thinking in words, speaking lines of thought on paper

Someone has choked in emptiness, held to hope by these crumpled edges

Fragrances of affection held by the bosom, a longing torn, hoped, retained

And then reflections of affection became a torrent, moist poured into notes

Unwritten notes stirring a ballad, thoughts and letters embossed in amour

Some echoes resonate in infinitude; some muse can only speak from a heart

In the vastness of this unwritten word, my confines are lost, boundaries erased

As a silent night burns to ache, my flickers shall live, this muse I must pour