Over 30,000 nights Oh Lord you ordained this night,
surpassed in virtue and favor.

This night when the cloak of darkness is cast away,
burnt away in extended prayer.

You promised of absolution and ordained in it
“peace until the rise of the morning” [97:5]

We blinded by the feigned glister of finite,
lost our way sailing in nebulous high seas.

Layers of rust accumulated, blinded our hearts,
deprived our souls and lost the keys.

In hope of this night, in my rags and tatters,
overburdened by error I stumble, I drag.

Drenched in my damnation a frail existence,
in invocation outstretch my skeletal hands.

Claim in me Your promise of forgiveness,
set me free from my self inflicted torment.

In the dungeons of my heart lies a faint flicker,
burning on in this redemption night.

Burdened shoulders by my wearing guilt,
drenched eyes look to retrieve their long lost light.

In the long shadows of your promised night,
my frail frame shall pursue Your benignity.

Grasping hope in the forgetfulness of time,
this Lailatul Qadr I beseech compassion

In quest for my Fajr

18th August, 2012