Through time, dense and heavy fog, on the clayey roads that we once walked upon

We left imprints of our journeys, each moment a mile stone, each bend to guide upon

Through drizzles as fine as water dust we walked hand in hand, morning to morning,

Over dampening spring, stepping in unison on traversing paths of mud and sprouts

In fierce storms where tree tops rocked and heaved like waves in gale, together held out

When fragrant summer meadows overgrown with tranquility called us to endure, to stop

And the moon beam shone like a draped queen in silver chiffon, imploring us to shore

In fading autumn nights when iron roofs rattled like a jack boot run, tormenting habitations

In the howling of dark, unfastening stills and creaking doors when chimneys emitted human sobs. 

When winter boats were fastened for long sleep, when windswept chill walked through the bone

When dark, dense clouds crept to the hill top and then everything hibernated to a peaceful white.

In tempest in toil, in longing in spoil; in glee in gloom, in denial in boom the two of us treaded right 

Now in calm & cloudless days, sunnier and mellower than ever before, how can I leave you? How?


Humian chain hai tere agosh main ; kahin aur jaaoonga, ruswaa ho jaonga 

6th August, 2012 : 10:20 PM