Meandering to the edges, measured speed like a child’s tiny feet, this twilight

Splattered with hues of grey and dreary, melancholic horizon on a painters canvas

A firmament flickers in the reflections of still waters in shades of red and gray

The elevated white dome raises tall and distinct; sad barricades to its approaches 


Bodies outstretched in supplication, entreated bone bare hands opening to seek

Veiled faces seeking solace, scurrying past endless loops of persecuting meshes

Ached bodies, hurt souls, drained hearts, drenched dry eyes; in prostration

Quietly deafening, soundlessly audible a drowning deluge of inconsolable silent cries

For long this night reined over the day, for long the dawn secluded to light

A flare in hearts, burning self, burning within in unison for the aurora, to burn bright

In faith and in hope; the heavens are wearing a white robe tonight. 

 ~ Hazratbal ~

4th August, 2012 : 10:22 PM